Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Montage

My husband is a big outdoors guy. Camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding... that type of thing. So I wanted to make our room a little more his style than JUST mine... I took a ton of pictures from a hiking/camping trip we took together (which is far and in between these days, with the kiddies and all) then actually got them developed ( I don't do much picture developing these days either, now that I'm blogging it all) I hung them on our wall above our bed with some twine and staples I had on hand...
I did have to buy some clips to attatch them onto the twine but total cost of this project was about $8.
I tied a knot in both ends of the twine, got some staples and hammered them into the wall to hold it all in place.
I think I used 3 staples all together, one on each end and one to allow me to cross it over to the other side...
It turned out really cute, a fun way to display a hobby!!

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