Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well it's that time of year! We can start having backyard BBQ's and fun outdoor parties... I love spending time outdoors and love entertaining outdoors... here are some ideas on ways to make the outdoors fabulous!
is huge!!! 
Lighting really sets the mood and makes your outdoor space welcoming, fun and so, so CUTE!!!! 

martha stewart always has some good ideas on how to create a nice outdoor space...
I loved all these looks.
how great is this....??
or for a simpler version, just as cute!!! If not cuter!!
fun fabrics, add a lot too!!
and I LOVE Pergola's they can be expensive but I actually found one in our local classifieds for $100!! If I didn't already have a cute covered patio I would have snagged that in a second!!! So just a thought to check places like the classifieds for cheaper yard stuff!! I also liked these metal barrells {below} you could easily buy metal garbage cans from lowes {there about $25 bucks} you could re~create this look!!
 an outdoor rug is also a great way to warm things up and pull a room together, and make it feel finished!!!

Happy Outdoor Entertaining!!!

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Allison Shallenberger said...

You are right, Jen! Lighting is the first step for a fabulous patio! The way they glow in the dark that turns the place into 'something'. They set the mood of the surrounding and with the right variety of colors, you'll achieve the kind of ambiance you desire.
Allison Shallenberger @