Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teacher/Neighbor Gifts

This year for Teacher Gifts we are doing wisks, and Hersey kisses...
{We Wisk You a Merry Kissmas} 
I KNOW So CUTE!!!!  I've done this before, also for neighbor gifts, I think it's so cute, easy, cheap & fun... You can buy a pack of 3 wisks for a couple bucks at Walmart, you could either break them up or keep them together... I grabbed the wisks, hershey kisses and some cute tissue paper...

print off a little note that says, We "wisk" you a Merry "Kiss"mas .....

shove the wisk full of Hershey Kisses...

add the note, and perhaps some cute festive confetti..... and wrap it up!!!

I think it's adorable, and useful!!!

some other cheap [play on word ideas}: for teachers or neighbors
Grater~ To "grate" neighbors! Merry Christmas
Matches~No one "matches" you as neighbors... Merry Christmas
Sprite ~ May your Christmas be Merry & Sprite
Cookie Dough~Here's a little Extra dough for the holidays!!! 
Candle~ May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas Merry, and the New Year Bright!!
Salsa~To spice up your holidays
Paper Towels~"absorb" the Christmas Spirit
Measuring Cups~ Wishing you Joy beyond "Measure"
Joy (liquid soap) ~ Wishing you "Joy" this Holiday Season
Nuts~ We're "Nuts" about you
Jelly~ "Spread" the Love this Holiday!
Picture Frame~We "picture" you having a wonderful Christmas
Lotion {or scented candle} ~ Hoping you have a 'scent'-sational holiday
Scarf or Ribbon ~ Hoping your Christmas is "wrapped" up in fun!
I also love the idea of a }snowman kit} - get a cute box and throw in some rocks, a scarf a hat, a carrot? anything you can think of that you would need for a snowman..
.... and a Christmas morning {emergency kit}- tin,or toolbox,full of scissors, pliars, batteries etc. all the little things you need to OPEN  those Christmas presents!!! all these items can be found at the dollar store, so this could be pretty cheap!!

Happy Holidays


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Jenglamgirl said...

Thank you for sharing all these fab. Ideas! I have two teacher gifts to hand out tomorrw. I love the wisk and hershey kisses best. Thanks again. Jen