Monday, August 2, 2010

Blessing Dress Frame

Before our little girl Reese was even born, I have been working on this project... when I was decorating her room I knew I wanted to frame her blessing dress, that I would make out of my wedding dress, so I went to our local thrift store, D.I. and bought this huge frame, painted the frame turqoise and wrapped the cardboard backing that came with it, in black & white wrapping paper...
Super easy, super cheap and look how super cute it looks holding her blessing dress!
I'm trying to decide if I should just hang it, from the top of the frame, like it is now.. or if I should add a hook ... probably add a hook to it, so the dress is a little more centered... as for now this is it and I LOVE it!



Brittany said...

This is really beautiful, and I love that you made the gown out of your wedding dress. maybe I am out of it, but I have never head of that! So sweet!

DeMille said...

Jen you are SO good! I wanted SO badly to make Olivia's blessing dress out of my wedding gown also...but I never did. :( Kudos to you, it's lovely!