Thursday, March 3, 2011

My baby {St. Patrick}

I had so much fun making a baby {valentine} outfit, I had to make a St. Patrick's Outfit too!!! So I got a green shirt and some pink leggings and added to them... I'm loving the baby leggings with patches on the knees look!!!

I had this old green T-shirt (below) of mine, in the closet, just taking up space so I pulled it out and cut it up... I also first unpicked the bottom hem of the new shirt and about and inch on the sides to give me room to work with....
I wanted to make the shirt longer, it goes better with leggings if the shirt is longer... so I cut out 2 ~ 19x5 pieces out of the old green shirt... gathered them and sewed them to the bottom of the old shirt... then resewed the side seems back up...done. super ~ duper easy!!
then I cut out two shamrock shapes and ironed them onto the knees of the pink baby leggings... I attempted to hand-stitch them on first, but I didn't like the look of it, so I ironed them on using that quick hem tape stuff.... faster and easier... and still cute!~

then I cut out two more shamrocks from the same fabric, layered them and sewed them onto the green shirt...
rather than following the outline of the shamrock I just sewed a straight line down each shamrock {petal}? so it had more of a layered, fluffy look
yay!! {someone} is going to be a super cute little leprechaun!


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