Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Yay Thanksgiving is here! I've meant to post this all week, and things are just busy, but this is what I'm doing for our Place Cards this year! I think they turned out cute!

I had my 4 year old his little buddies gather a whole bunch of pine cones, which is a great activity for little kiddos! They loved it... I plan on making a wreath too so I had them get a whole bunch!
saw the pine cone right down the middle... the pine cones that are more "gathered" and "tighter" on the top work best...

I snagged some glitter paint and sprayed them all so they were shiny and pretty... I actually wasn't super impressed with this spray paint it didn't spray on very evenly... there was a moment where I think ALL the glitter came out at once so they got sprayed heavy on one side... maybe I should have shoook it looonger...? just a thought, but it did the job and they are pretty and sparkly!

I got some cool textured paper that was "two toned", the one I printed the names on was a cream and mustard color and the backing paper was a pretty shiny maroon... great fall colors... I printed all the names out on my computer and sanded the edges so the other color came through,  and brought out the texture...stuck them together with a cute Brad and slid them in the pre-cut pinecones! Super easy, I think they'll look cute on the pretty, set, table!
H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G!!!

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