Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I had this idea come to me 
and had to do it... 
I have 3 boys so we've build every fort imaginable. 

I found myself tired of the after clean up from a fort.

Too many blankets and random stuff needed to help hold it up.

Not any more...

I sewed two sheets together
and placed hooks 4 in the corners of the room.

*disclaimer you have to be ok with putting the hooks on your wall
 and leaving them up...

B U T. . .  look how awesome!

1st step:: Sew the sheets together.

2. Put plastic hooks where ever you want them,
where they will be least noticeable.

{I took this picture to show that the hooks aren't that noticeable. I got small clear plastic hooks, the kind that just stick onto the wall}

3. Snip a small hole in the sheet and hang it up!!!

This hook was further than the sheet would stretch 
so we tied some scrap fabric to the corner

There you have it! Super easy, totally free, 
no hassle and quick clean up!!
{ {B R I L L I A N T} }

*side note* after several weeks of some fort playing the plastic hooks have been replaced by metal hooks that screw into the wall, the plastic ones kept falling off... metal ones are better

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