Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hanging Pictures

I got the pictures hung in the Nursery last week... this is how it turned out... I really like the turquoise shelves, this space needed some 3 Dimensions...

I also re-arranged a few things... I put these frames in the birdcage instead... kinda cute!


Brittany said...

SO CUTE! love the teal and brown!

twyla myrin said...

Hey Jen,
Came across your blog through my friend brittany.
We tried a project of yours yesterday and it was so easy and turned out so cute.
Great blog, lot's of great ideas. I'm so excited to try a few more. :)

The Smith Family said...

Such cute stuff and ideas! I love it!
Thanks for the sweet comments. You're so nice!
I was a little bit of a wreck, till I actually got on the set. It was fun though, for sure!
I will def. be following your cute blog!
Shelley Smith