Monday, June 21, 2010

Patio Ideas

Now that summer is officially here I wanted to post some of my favorite things I have on my back patio... a year or so ago I was wondering through the Tia Pan basket area and noticed they had baskets hanging from the ceiling so I copied the idea on our back patio...

I am always watering the potted plants out here so I hang multiple watering cans on one of our posts...
... and I LOVE terracotta pots in a patio/outdoor area, they just look cute in all multiples of numbers and in different sizes, they are also super cheap so its a fun, cheap way to decorate!
I also found this cute bird cage at a garage sale a couple years ago and spray painted it white ~ cute look for a patio!
Happy outdoor decorating!

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Brittany said...

SUPER cute! Love it!