Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Fashions....

I do not consider myself a fashion expert nor do I keep up on the latest trends... I do however like to dress cute, love to layer, and LOVE fall fashions... so with that said, and my last post being a "fashion" post I thought I would pass a little tip on... I recently went shopping, I also am a bargain shopper, I'm fine with good ol' Old Navy, or Target I do not spend a lot on clothes or care what-so-ever about brand names... so the other day I scored 4 tops and 1 great cardigan for $30 bucks... pretty good deal I think... heres the tip... all stores have their summer stuff on sale right now... so I scored 4 way cute tank tops that I will wear over a shirt and under a cardigan... layers plus, cute, plus cheap~ can't get better than that~~~

I had my 3 year old snap a pic of the outfit today... whats also great about this is you can mix and match these things.... I have 4 great cardigans and now several tank tops... if you buy your cardigans neutral colors you can mix and match them with everything... the possibilities are endless!! Plus who doesn't love a top for 3 bucks!

I liked these looks as well {minus the short shorts and cleave... lets try and stay modest ladies!}
I love a good scarf to add to the layers!!
the tops I scored!!
...and my cute hair accessory i made... when putting an outfit together think top to bottom cute hair and shoes are crucial!!!
Happy Fall Fashioning! Now go score yourself some cute cheap tanks!

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