Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disneyland Countdown

Well were headed to Disneyland soon, and that of course means we have to have a countdown... typically we just whip together a chain and call it good but we stepped it up a little this year... my sister in law, Shea, sent me this link to this adorable Disney Countdown at Crafting Chicks.... Rather than copy theirs, because then it wouldn't be my own, and that's not as fun for me... I headed to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some paper and threw this together...
so a spin off in my own style, this is what I came up with... typically when I start a "paper project" I just start cutting and stamping and putting things together and it eventually turns into what it is... so ya same goes for this project I bought cute paper a Mickey Mouse Sticker, printed off some numbers and went to work... I should put a little more thought into stuff but I like having the project "make it self"... I had a star cut out that I used to cover up each number... I printed off cute little b&w Disney Characters and framed them with yellow stars...

what it will look like all covered up! Fun, easy, cheap project that the kids can help with!
I love {Disneyland} we have gone, pretty much, every other year since I was 6! So I have been a ton! And I love it more & more every time! I'm thrilled were able to take our kids and keep this tradition going! We are soooo excited!!!!

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{The Wade's} said...

I sent you that link, then I deleted it, cause it wouldn't download. I didn't think you got it haha!! Yours is WAY cute. We never got one done...oh well. YAY DISNEYLAND