Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Ok So I went and bought the fabric for Reese's costume... she is being a bag of REESE'S PIECES!!!! Ha ha so cute and clever I know... so until I get it done I wanted to post a few pics of some of my favorite PAST costumes that we've done... 
this first one is
Napoleon Dynamite 
Porcupine probably my most favorite... I bought fake green grassy stuff and spray painted it black and gold and made it into a backpack for him to wear... it was soooooo cute! He won first place that year for most creative at our family costume party!!!

Albert Einstein ~ My son was this last year... his idea!!! The best part to this was the big fake nose!! and bushy mustache!!

Nachooooo!!! {Libre} Seriously hilarious and awesome! This one was super fun to make!!!

My sister and her husband did this one year! Classic!!
Oscar the Grouch ~ I wore this same costume when I was 4~ My creative mother made it!!!

We've had some other cute ones, but these are our most original! Happy Halloween!!

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Brittany said...

So apparently it runs in your genes! You're fabulous!

I bet the reces peces costume will be super adorable!