Monday, November 1, 2010


So I wanted to show a little project I did a while ago and finally {officially} got finished..  this is the BEFORE look just a wreath and some hooks, which I like the look, BUUUT I've had this obsession with clip boards lately so I took down the wreath and hung up clip boards!!!

I found this fabulous huge clip board at D.I. several weeks or months ago??? and had to put it up!!! SO I took down the wreath, grabbed some more clip boards and hung them all on my wall!!!

I also added three picture frames at the bottom and put my kids {first day of school} pictures in them...since this is where they hang their backpacks and coats the school pictures go along with this area great!!!  (this is what took this project so long to finish, getting these pictures developed... I rarely get pictures developed any more...)

Yeah! a fun NEW, different, LOoK!!! multi-purpose as well, I can hang little notes, and decor from the hooks... its great!

and then as a final "change" I threw the wreath onto the side of my NEW shed  {that I WON} and VIOLA a new look in two areas!!!

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