Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Total R3!!

So a quick makeover... I had these shutters sitting in my garage for 6 years now...they were in the house "Nanna's house" and separated the front room from the kitchen, back in the day, they came down and out when we remodeled ... I finally pulled them out and decided to use them, 



I moved some things around... I had an old b&w door here that I moved over to another spot, then I took the family photo off the mantle and hung it on here,  using this really cute ribbon....

I took this stuff down {which was long overdue} and put the old b&w door here...

AFTER :) This is pretty much a total R3 project... I  {reused} & {redid}  the old door, giving two spaces a new {refreshed} look


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Brittany said...

my gosh you are too awesome for words! Looks great!