Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am determined to get this house organized!!! {ONE SPACE at a TIME!!!} ... I started with my boys room, cause it was driving me the most crazy!!! This is a BEFORE picture... which I actually really liked, I thought it was cute ... BUT it NEVER looked like this!!! I have 3 boys in one room... so space is limited... and 3 boys can really make a mess FAST!! { well actually ONE 4 year old can make a mess fast } SO... here's what we did to switch things up a little...

AFTER!!!  We bunked the beds {biggest difference in space} and I put most the toys in the closet..
Here's my thing with toys... I want them to be able to play freely, and have access to their stuff... HOWEVER when they dump a bin OUT and walk away.... (not ok)... so here's what I've done

I kept OUT a ball bin, a "big cars" bin, a guy bin (cause they play with it the most) and a tool bin all of these things are a fast and easy clean up... I put in the closet, UP HIGH, where they can't reach (except my four year is capable of climbing up to reach, so we will be purchasing a lock for the door)...  ALL the other bins... dinosaur, little people, animal, light saber (yes an entire bin for just light sabers) etc. etc. ... you get the idea... so if you have a problem with TOYS and kids making messes with TOYS... put them up and out of sight... having one BIN down at a time is doable!!!  I ALSO put the laundry baskets in the closet... they were just in the corner of the room, but TOYS and dirty clothes were always ALL OVER the room, so FAR... we have kept it very clean and it seems more manageable...  Here's some of the decor we did...

several years ago, when I had TWO boys in this room I made these cute framed monogram letters from leftover scraps from the quilts I made them... I love them but they no longer could stay in the room... soooo I CUT THEM UP!!!

... and made these cute flags with them, and hung them up across two walls!!!

super easy, and fast,... I cut them into triangles, hung up a string, folded and stapled them on... worked great!!!

hung up there baseball mitts...looks cute and eliminated one more bin from having to go in the closet!!!

my 8 year old has about 10 trophy's I kept 3 of the best ones and put the others in storage... and put there rock collections in mason jars!!! also bought some hooks and hung up there hats on the wall!!! great way to store them all!!!

bought a laundry basket for $2.50 and put the balls in this.. also eliminating a ball bin from the closet...

I framed a b&w photo of each kid doing their "thing"!! {SOCCER}!!!

I didn't get a good picture of the drapes.. but they all super cute!! $40 bucks from  IkEA!!!  so all in all I spent about... $60 bucks on the drapes, picture frames, hooks, and basket... pretty cheap for a new look and a new way of keeping it all organized!!!

now lets hope it stays like THIS!!

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{The Wade's} said...

Looks CUTE!! I hate toys...I really do! I LOVE the drapes, I've been wanting to get something different for Bostons room. I might have to copy. Ikea here I come!!