Monday, January 24, 2011

Stage 2 of organizing!!
The next space that had to be organized was our kitchen desk... I have two drawers that were OUT of control!! This is the TOP drawer that holds important papers... house stuff, health & Life Insurance info etc. We recently switched life Ins. companies and when the 'new' life ins. guy was over he asked to see our 'old' policy, well I opened this drawer and realized my life was NOT organized.. it took me a little while to find and I was rather embarrassed ... needless to say, it is now much better

I got all important paper put together, put them in manila folders that I had laying around and labeled each one... I put them in side by side rather than on top of each other like they were before... which made NO SENSE.. these drawers are awesome and are super deep so I can fit lots of stuff in them!! yay!!!

This is the bottom drawer that holds all our art supplies... seriously/? Ridiculous!!!
oooh don't we all feel so much better now!!
I also stacked everything side by side, you can see what is there and it's so much neater...

I had an empty baby formula can lying around as well... so I wrapped it in cute scrapbook paper  and put misc.stuff in it, extra crayons, scissors etc.  great idea!!! and  it holds the books in place as well!!! twofer!!!

ooooh how I LOVE getting organized!! Now whats next!!!

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