Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Color Blocking

So I've had this obsession with books for a little while now... I've been slowly buying them from our 
local thrift store, 
I found this first picture a while ago and peek at it every now and then to get my  
color blocking ~ book fix, 
which by the way, I learned today that, that was even what its called...
{color blocking} 

organizing your books by color...

So I figure with the new makeover I'm going to have to fit this look in somehow... 
I don't have even 1/4 of this amount of books, nor do I want this many books,
but I do want to incorporate this look somehow...
it's just cute!! I could look at it all day!!

I scored some great Yellow & Red books today!! I LOVE them!!!

you could also go this route for a nice soft, neutral look!!

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