Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bonco Decor

So it's been many moons since I have posted anything, we've had a super~fun, busy summer and I haven't done much anything crafty as of late. BUT, if the two of you who even check this blog are even still around, here's a little something... I hosted BONCO, yes bOnco, this "bonco" group is crazy so they call it that not the usual bUnco... anyways, it was my turn to host... my sister came as a sub and she had just had a little shin~dig at her place and had these super cute left over decorations!! So we threw them up under the patio and it made for a fabulous evening! I couldn't find my camera day of, so these pictures are not of the actual event, which I'm pretty sad about cause it looked adorable all light up and "tableclothed".... but here's an idea of the cute look!!
Cute banner and tissue balls hung all over!!

and of course the patio lights!! It was just lovely!! Nothen new and exciting but something... hopefully I'll be able to do some more projects, now that the kids will be back in school and I'll have two seconds to myself!! 
Happy Day!

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Kristin said...

I noticed your cute decor a week or so ago and wondered if you had blogged about it! ;) Super cute, as always! (By the way...I totally covet your patio lights. Brian is aware of every time you have them turned on in the summer...because I'll hound him about getting some for ME!)