Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Stuff

So a couple things for Easter coming up... two fun ways to decorate eggs that I ENOY! This first one is Karo corn Syrup and Sprinkles!!! You just dab on the syrup however you want and sprinkle away, they turn out so cute!

The next, which is for more of decorative purposes... then easter egg hunts and children... I saw this on Studio 5 (local TV show) the other day, nothen "new" but still so cute, just use scrapbook supplies you have lying around the house, use punch outs and cute paper and just glue dot them on... always cute!!

and ONE thing that I always do for drying purposes... I keep all my toilet paper rolls a few weeks or months before Easter and then cut them up... they are a perfect place to keep the eggs while they dry... I don't like sticking them back in the egg carton... so this works perfect!!!
I squish the roll, flat and cut ... you can use straight edge scissors or scalloped/decorative scissors...
You could even go all out and decorate these cute too, but for the most part ours serve their purpose and then go straight in the garbage... if your going to decorate them cute for display purposes don't use them when actually drying cause they get wet.... use plain ones for dying and drying and when you have a cute finished egg, stick it in the "new" decorated one... I LOVE dying eggs... have fun doing your own!!!

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Brittany said...

How adorable! You are SO clever! :) I'm so excited to dye eggs this week!!! :)