Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spider {Webs}

So these pictures don't really do this justice, but I'm loving this idea!!! I wanted to make a spider web on my mirror and was trying to think of what to use... then an idea popped into my little head.... soap!!! I grabbed a bar of soap, a little water and went to work!  It worked great!!! Get the soap a little wet... [can't be too wet] and just draw a spider web onto the mirror....  I started with a circle in the middle, then drew lines going out all around the circle then a curved line in between the long lines... ( I googled images of spider webs to have something to go off of... Its super cute and subtle just like a real spider web... well real spider webs are NOT cute {pretty in there own way} but very creepy cause I hate spiders,, anyways try it! Its great!!! works on windows too!!!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

A) LOVEEEE your mirror!


C) Your new header is to die for!