Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers Day

Ok so father's day is sneaking up on me... and I've got a busy weekend,
for some reason ;) I agreed to run in our local Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race, so all my time seems to be devoted to that, (It's a hard run and I haven't really trained for it...this is a whole other long story, but I'm super excited about it..) anyways... I'll be gone Friday & Saturday, so I realized this yesterday and am trying to throw a few things together for 
Fathers Day...
Today being my only day to get ready...
So I made a few collages for a fun Father's Day Card, ( I may frame it) made one for the hubby, and both grandpas...
I also am planning on doing the tie this year... I've shared this idea before, here, but we haven't actually done it yet, so this year will be our first year... buy a white tie and let the kids decorate it with fabric markers... CUTE!!!

My kids love to read with Dad, so last scholastic book order thingy the kids brought home I ordered this book, so we have that to give too... Thanks goodness I was thinking ahead!!!
I also ran into this:
Dad's Survey 
which I found here, {link below} I think I'll make my own version of it...

... and have each kid fill it out and give it to dad, 
they can each make a little home-made card and we'll call it good!!! 
Not too bad for some last minute gift ideas!!! 

Happy Father's Day!!!

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